Week 8

This week, I commented on three blogs, Chantal from Canada, Annie from Australia, and Skylar from the United States.

The first blog I commented on was Chantal’s post about maple syrup.  I said, “Hi Chantal,
I found your information on maple syrup very interesting. I too love it, but at times I find it to be too sweet so I only have it on occasion. I’ve heard of it on breakfast foods, but never used as a candy. How often would you say you have it?
-Stella https://stellkotik6202.edublogs.org/

The next blog I went to was Annie’s post about Vegemite scrolls. I said, “Hi Annie, I’ve heard of Vegemite before, but never Vegemite scrolls. They sound and look interesting!


The final blog I went to was Skylar’s post about cheeseburgers. I said, “Hi Skylar,
I enjoyed your post about cheeseburgers, and I do like them as well.
-Stella https://stellkotik6202.edublogs.org/

Magnificent Rain

The gorgeous water droplets that occasionally fall from the sky, known by many as rain, are one of the most fascinating and beautiful things in nature. These breathtaking nature acts occur when water from lakes and rivers is evaporated by the sun to form clouds, another pleasing part of nature, which drop the droplets when pulled down by gravity when the clouds become heavy enough. Not only are these astonishing to watch, the recycled water the rain provides is essential to life. Without water, a vital thing for all living things whether they be humans, animals, or plants, it is necessary for anything to continue to live. From this, rain shows it’s not only amazing but has extremely important purposes as well.

Besides being important for our life, the rain is a magnificent event to watch as well. As the gorgeous rain drops fall from the clouds, it is mesmerizing no matter which way it is seen. Whether it be straight up in the actual rain getting soaked from the heavy downpour, or experiencing the beautiful and amazing sense by just listening and looking at the splattered rain drops all across the windows in a house, it can be exhilarating or just soothing. The crisp smell of fresh rain refreshes and calms all those experiencing the soothing aroma. Even though the sun is typically buried beneath the clouds, the pleasant sounds, smells, and looks seems much more appealing and comforting compared to a hot, average day.

Lastly, even with the beautiful event itself, the outcomes can arguably be even more exciting. Most significantly, after many gorgeous rainfalls there can typically be a rainbow as a result. These breathtaking, somewhat rare occurrences are magnificent to watch after a long, beautiful rainfall. Not only is the pouring of rain soothing and comforting as well as fun and exciting, it also provides the stunning view of a marvelous rainbow. The fascinating view brings light and happiness from the mixture of sunlight and rain. From the astonishing views of the rain before or after, it is clearly an alluring part of nature that can just be admired or seen as a sign of comfort.

Finally, rain is not only amazing to watch or feel the cool droplets run across your skin, but it has purposes as well. While there is much more to how it is formed and what it does, many can agree that it relaxes and can be comforting as well. From the important part it has in keeping people alive it is also one of the most intriguing sights in nature and a wonderful chilling sense that almost anyone can pick out. Anywhere from the good or just fun and beauty it brings, rain is one of the most interesting parts of nature to witness.

Here are the sources I used:



Commenting On Other Blogs

For this week’s challenge, I commented on several other blogs. Here are links to all of the posts I commented on!












Popular Food in My Country

A popular food in the country I live in is a cheeseburger. This is a classic American food, and they are typically made with beef and cheese as well as with other ingredients that can be added such as lettuce, tomato, or onions. These ingredients are kept together normally with a bun. However, cheeseburgers can be served in multiple ways with different toppings, sauces, and ingredients. They are also widely known to be served with a side of fries, which they normally are in restaurants. Towards the end of the 1920s to the middle of the 1930s, regular hamburgers started to have cheese added to them, but there is not certainty on who invented them. Whether it be a “gourmet” meal or just from a fast food restaurant, cheeseburgers are a wildly popular food in the United States.

The source I used for my information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheeseburger

What Do You Eat?

Here is a survey about what types of foods people in other countries eat!

1) What kinds of foods do you eat for breakfast?

2) What food do you typically have in your school lunches?

3) How often would you say you go out to eat?

4) What is your favorite type of meal?

5) What is your favorite side dish?

Leave your answers in the comments below!

My Native Language

My native language is English, and it is the only language I understand. The picture I included is of a bed, one of the most comfortable things in my opinion. It reminds me of in the mornings wanting to stay asleep, warm, and comfortable on the mattress and under blankets. Even though I love going out and exploring new activities, it always feels great to go to sleep or to lie down when I am extremely tired. Overall, being comfortable and relaxing especially when I just need to calm down is one of my favorite activities. 

I have also included a translate widget if English is not your native language.

Customizing My Blog

For this activity, I decorated my blog for Halloween! To make my blog more festive, I included a new background and header. I got both of these images off of Pixabay, and each have Halloween associated colors. My background is of an orange jack o’ lantern because it is one of the most iconic decorations, and one of my favorites seen on Halloween. For my header, I used a picture that says “Halloween” with an orange background because I felt that it matched the theme and added more festivity to my blog.

A Scary Story

For this challenge, I wrote a fictional story about a spooky to Halloween night.

As I approached the hollow front door covered in spider webs and dust, I took a deep breath and turned the loose knob while it almost snapped out of the door itself. All throughout the month I had been waiting for Halloween to come, but I didn’t want to admit to myself that I was terrified for the night I had ahead of me. All night I was getting ready to wait for my friends, but they had unfortunately not yet arrived. I carefully placed one foot in front of the other and entered the hallway. A spiraled staircase was right in front of me, and I stared in awe of what I had gotten myself into. For once I decided I would do something more exhilarating for the holiday, but I was already regretting my decision. Before going up the stairs, which didn’t even seem strong enough to keep a toddler steady, I thought about backing out. The chestnut colored wallpaper was peeling to the point where you could almost see the scratched wood behind it, and the stained carpet was scattered with spiderwebs splattered with fake, or what I hoped to be fake, blood As I told myself while this was a haunted house, it wasn’t really haunted, the fact that it hadn’t been used in over thirty years and was just re-decorated for this night made me wonder if I was biting more than I could chew. Finally, I brought up the courage to hang my jacket on the unstable coat rack, which I felt resembled that I was committing to this night. Out of nowhere, I heard a shriek and the already dim lights completely shut off. In a moment of panic, I turned around and was ready to sprint out of the house to warn my friends before they got here. However, the door was slammed shut and was completely stuck. I pounded on the hollow wood and tried with every ounce of strength I had to force it open. Then all of a sudden, I felt a rough hand with extremely long nails stab into my shoulder.

Celebrating Halloween

Where I live, when I was younger I would celebrate Halloween by going trick or treating with my siblings and mom. Even though we did not plan anything extravagant for the holidays and always stayed with each other, we would have the tradition of having my grandmother and great grandmother to stay in our house and pass out candy while we would walk around the neighborhood. Not everyone where I live would celebrate Halloween by going trick or treating, especially as they started to get older and would go to parties with friends to celebrate instead. No matter what I’ve done on Halloween, celebrating the holiday has always been fun!